Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Okay so I went to high school for the first time!!! I realized what was happening while getting ready and I started crying): Yea I actually started crying it was ok lol. Atleast I looked cute!! I wore a button up hollister shirt, some skinny jeans, and some white tie up vans cuz my shirt was white and blue!!!! Its the second week of school and Im having the time of my life I actually like hight school lol!! Kinda bummed though because I didnt get to go to the high school of my choice but the school I go to now is ok!! I made new frianns and its sooo fun except for english and biology!!!! blah hatee those classes.. english mostly I hate that class!!!! biology isnt all that bad but I hate doin the work!!! I love love loveeeee algebra and theatre my favoritee!!!! Theatre is fun we act but then she doesnt care if we txt in class well at least I dont think she does?? hmmm.... oh well I do it anyways hahahaa well I have to go take a shower and find something to wear to school tomorrow?? Skirt and leggings and flip flops??? Sounds like a plan to me!!! Til next time loves!!! LOVE TIA!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My august happenings!!

so i have the most biggest thing in my life coming up!!!! IM GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL!!! im soooo scared but excited at the same time!!! Im going for an older edgier look!!! soooo cant wait!!!